Venture Capital

Following our entrepreneurial roots in Solingen since 1873 we feel responsible for the regional economic development and contribute our share by investing in aspiring regional start-up companies.

Our engagement in venture capital projects shall not only help the development of local businesses but also attract young entrepreneurs from outside of North-Rhine Westphalia to settle in Solingen.

Our investment focus follows the legacy of the “City of Blades” by focusing on sustainable technology-based manufacturing companies.

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Market Entry Germany

Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe and best known for its high-tech products “Made in Germany”, a renowned education system, a high standard of living, a modern and affordable health system and a great traffic infrastructure. Germany lies in the heart of Europe and is the best location to set up your business when becoming active on the European market.

Together with our local partners, the Economic Development of the City of Solingen and law firm Brockhaus & Kollegen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, we founded the International Business Center Solingen (IBCS) which acts as the main point of contact for international business people in Solingen with the objective of offering an integral range of services.

Ern-Gruppe has vast experience in supporting international entrepreneurs coming to Germany and has developed a standardized offer for interested founders and corporations. We help you settle in Germany with a three-step process:

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Solingen - The City of Blades | Ern-Gruppe
Solingen - The City of Blades

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Grand opening IBCS | Ern-Gruppe
Grand opening of the International Business Center Solingen (IBCS)

Further information on the IBCS, on Solingen and on the offered services is available on and in the brochure at the bottom of this page.

Consulting Services

Our vast experience over almost 150 years in the trading and real estate business has been building the fundament of the company’s expertise today. Over five generations we have transferred the unique knowledge of our business activities within the production and mail order industry. The successful company heritage within these industries qualifies us in consulting of all questions along the respective overall supply chains.

In order to optimize sequences of the clients supply chain, our advisory methods for our international mandates always ensures to not lose track of the „End to End“ (E2E) approach.

Understanding the holistic idea of the supply chain, including its interdependencies and interactions within different in-house departments and with its external relations, is the key to successfully consult on our clients.

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