Solingen, the „City of Blades“, is a growing city with more than 160,000 residents which lies in the heart of North-Rhine Westphalia with its 18 million residents and is therefore the second largest city in the Bergisches Land tri-state. Solingen borders to Düsseldorf and Cologne in the west, the Ruhr region in the north and the Wupper Hills in the southeast.

Solingen is very well connected to the regional public transport system, as it is only a 30 minute train ride from Solingen central station to the fairs and international airports in Cologne and Düsseldorf. Solingen has the largest trolleybus network in the whole of Germany and is also connected by the highways A1, A3 and A46 to the rest of North-Rhine Westphalia and Germany. The inland port in Duisburg is just 45 minutes away by truck or car.

Anyone living in Solingen lives close to nature as half of Solingen’s entire urban area is made up of forests and agricultural land. The numerous forests offer all generations a variety of sports and pure relaxation. Well equipped hospitals and retirement homes are taking care of Solingen’s residents. People from more than 130 nationalities have been living here peacefully with one another for many years. A wonderful place for children to grow up and for adults to grow old.

With over 40 kindergartens and grammar schools Solingen offers a vast selection of educational possibilities. With famous universities in the cities nearby and the chair for new production technologies and materials as well as the institute of product innovation of the University of Wuppertal located in Solingen, it is no wonder that many companies in Solingen assume international top positions.

With countless museums and partly worldwide unique offers, a theater and concert hall and a music school with a wide range of programs Solingen has a lot of cultural events to offer. Thousands of Solingen’s residents as well as people from the entire region are crowding the streets during festivities as famous Dürpelfest, Solinger Lichternacht, Kultur Nacht and other festivals in the different districts of Solingen. With its cozy bars and restaurants every district offers unique possibilities to celebrate life. Solingen promises unforgettable experiences!

For companies Solingen offers an extremely competitive environment:


  • Direct proximity to the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region with the highest concentration of companies in the whole of Germany
  • Plenty of commercial space is available for investment


  • 10 minutes to the superhighways and railway stations
  • 30 minutes to the airports and trade fairs in Düsseldorf and Cologne
  • 45 minutes to the inland port in Duisburg
  • It takes an hour’s drive to reach 18 million people

Further Information

  • Office space from 7€/m². More than half as cheap as in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg
  • Living expenses on average 3x lower than in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg

More information about Solingen, its history and much more can be found in the attached brochure, on the official website or following this link to Wikipedia.